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Reviive Toothpaste

Reviive Toothpaste -
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Naturally Simple

Reviive Toothpaste relies on naturally mild abrasives such as calcium carbonate and hydrated silica to keep your teeth sparkling. Our Toothpaste is free from sodium lauryl sulfate and fluoride to help keep you free from toxins.

Flavored with certified organic peppermint essential oil and vanilla, Reviive Toothpaste tastes great, and most importantly—it works. Try it and see why Simply Natural is the best policy.

  • Helps to whiten teeth and remove plaque
  • Lowest RDA (relative dentin abrasion)
  • Leaves your mouth with the right pH (wrong pH can cause plaque forming!)
  • Great for gum diseases, improves gum health
  • SAFE for use in kids!
  • Suitable for sensitive gum and teeth
  • Tastes good

The Reviive Difference:

  • Made with certified organic ingredients
  • Cruelty free
  • Free of parabens, phthalates, PEG and sulfates
  • Toxic free


Apply a small amount on toothbrush; brush gums, teeth and tongue.

Key Ingredients and Benefits:

Calcium Carbonate (supplement grade)

  • Clean but Do Not scratch your teeth

Hydrated Silica

  • Keep teeth sparkling & do not scratch

Sodium Chlorite

  • High potency dose of oxygen from sodium chlorite (super oxygenator)
  • Kills bacteria & virus
  • Great for gum disease


  • Kills the bacteria that is responsible for tooth decay

Organic Peppermint Oil (triple distilled)

  • Helps inhibit the growth of biofilm formations on teeth which are linked to developing cavities


  • Good for toothache

Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly

100% Eco Friendly

Halal Certified

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